Trust a Dye Test Instead of Digging

Why dig when you don't have to? Putnam Septic can help you determine if a leak is coming from your septic tank without digging.

A dye test is a relatively low-cost, non-invasive method for testing of private sewage treatment systems. It's a limited, performance-based test. This test does not provide a guarantee of the present or future performance of your residential or commercial septic system.

A dye test is not a full evaluation of a sewage treatment system but nonetheless provides valuable information regarding the present performance of the system.

Evaluate Your Septic System With a Dye Test
A septic dye test is ideally suited for the evaluation of septic systems for real estate sales purposes since the test does not result in damage to the property. It provides minimal disruption during the test.

More comprehensive testing and evaluations are possible and may be desirable if greater assurance is needed.


When to use a dye test

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Have Your Septic Tank Cleaned Every 2-3 Years

Periodic pumping of your septic tank is far less costly than the repair or replacement of your entire system.

Putnam Septic recommends cleaning your septic tank at least every 2-3 years.

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